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6-quot Tablet Deals

6-quot Tablet Deals

Find the right 6-quot tablet deal for all your needs. Search through the huge selection of 6-quot tablet deals that are updated each day. All the cheapest 6-quot tablets are available at, continue to come back to find the best deals.

6" NOOK Touch BNRV300 2GB eBook Reader for $49.99

From BestBuy

Once you read a book on the Nook Simple Touch, you will never want to return to reading a paper book ever again. This Barnes & Noble eReader gives you the utmost flexibility as it allows you to highlight passages, search for words, adjust the size and style of fonts and turn pages with a single tap on the 6-inch touchscreen. The E Ink Pearl technology employed in this e-Book reader gives you crisp and clear text that you can read with ease even in bright sunlight. Weighing just 7.48 ounces, this ultra-light Nook Simple Touch is easy to carry around. Just charge this Barnes & Noble eReader once and forget recharging for the next two months, thanks to its extended battery life. Now you can read up to 2 million titles, whether they are books, newspapers or magazines, with this e-Book reader.--


Deal Posted at 08/24/2013
6NOOK Touch BNRV300 2GB eBook Reader
$139.00 $49.99  Free Shipping 

6" Kobo N647-KBU eInk Wireless 1GB eReader for $49.99


Get More with the Kobo Wireless eReader! The Kobo Wireless eReader is perfect for reading on the go! Light, compact and featuring Wi Fi access you can shop today's hottest new releases, newspapers, magazines plus over 1 million free classics -- anywhere. Pre-loaded with 100 ready to go classics, this e-Reader is an obvious buy.+

Deal Posted at 06/13/2012
6Kobo N647-KBU eInk Wireless 1GB eReader
$99.99 $49.99  Free Shipping 

6" Sony PRS-T1/BC Black E-Ink Pearl eReader for $115.00

From eBay

The Sony PRS-T1 tablet is a 6-inch tablet and e-reader that comes with a 16-level gray scale TFT screen. It uses the E Ink Pearl display technology for better text and imagery. This Sony tablet has a very long battery life and can last for up to a month of normal usage on one charge. This Sony e-reader comes with 12 built-in dictionaries, including American and British English ones. You can comfortably hold the Sony PRS-T1 tablet for hours, as it weighs a mere 6 oz. This Sony tablet is Wi-Fi enabled and can be used to surf online stores. Carry this stylish Sony e-reader wherever you go as it is just 0.35-inch thick.

Deal Posted at 01/25/2012
6Sony PRS-T1/BC Black E-Ink Pearl eReader
$149.99 $115.00  Free Shipping 

6" Sony Reader PRS-T1BC 1.3 GB eBook for $99.99

From eBay

Weighing less than 6 ounces the lightest 6 eReader around is no bigger than a paperback. This slim 0.35-inch device has an elegant curved profile for easy holding and carrying in a pocket or bag On board are 12 dictionaries including 2 English language (British/American) and 10 translation (to and from French German Spanish Dutch and Italian). Tap and hold a word to find it's meaning or translate into one of the 5 supported languages Read for over a month on one battery charge; that will get you through your long vacation or up to 14 000 continuous page turns Simply touch the superior 6 clear enhanced touch screen to call up your favorite books swipe your finger to turn pages and zoom in and out by pinching your fingers together or apart Reader allows you to write on the page or highlight text as you would in a real book using your finger or a supplied stylus Bookmark pages and return to them instantly-

Deal Posted at 01/11/2012
6Sony Reader PRS-T1BC 1.3 GB eBook
$199.00 $99.99  Free Shipping